The photos in DIARY began when I was given a Yashica T3 in May of 2009. I've gone through several of these cameras since that date. Occasionally substituting that camera with a different borrowed (and never returned) Olympus Stylus. There was also the 2 Ricoh's and the Olympus XA and XA2 all drowned or broken.
These portfolios are journals of my day to day. A way to document the life and lives around me. The name of each series is titled according to a time, a place, an event, a circumstance, mostly chronologically, sometimes arbitrarily. This series and this style of photographing the people and things around me will be an on-going project. There are many images to look through in the portfolios, and the Main Page provides parred down selection, if you don't want to get deep.

COMMISSION/COMMERCIAL is commercial and commissioned work.

The photos in DIGITAL are digital works. Featured here is series I call, LOOKER. This work was born out of a job I had as a street scout between 2004-2008. I was photographing strangers on the street with each assignment. Mostly in and around NYC, though at times elsewhere; Paris, New Orleans, Minnesota and other cities. During this time in my life I was interested in a certain point of transition in a person's life. I started focusing in on this stage when we shed our adolescence and grow up.

FLOATERS is an on going series of medium format portraits of the beauty of women as we transform. The title "Floaters" is borrowed from Elias Kazan's description of his wife Barbara Loden's film, Wanda.

"[The film Wanda] has disturbed many women. It really was born out of her own experience out of her own life, out of the women she’s known. There’s a class of women that are known in America as Floaters, F-L-O-A-T-E-R-S. That’s a woman who has no real direction of her own and no ability to get from where she is to where she wants to go and FLOATS as debris or little animals float on the surface of the sea, here and there wherever the tides takes them." - ELIA KAZAN on the film "Wanda" by Barbara Loden.

I find Kazan's definition of a "Floater" to be simultaneously, spot-on, far off, demeaning and ennobling.

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